Note: The following recipes reflect our BOP and Home Brew selections. All recipes that use fresh fruit or other perishables require advance notice for BOP brewing and are not included in either in-store or on-line shopping. These ingredients should be purchased fresh on brew day.
Recipe Style Description
VANILLA GOLDEN ALE Ale Ale. This recipe is unlike any other. A tribute to Thirsty Bear Brewing Co.’s ale of the same name; it is light, smooth and incredibly drinkable! Fresh vanilla beans go into the fermenter to create a deliciously decadent aroma and finish that makes this beer perfect on its own, or with dessert! Created by Jason Meehan.
WHITE HOUSE HONEY ALE Ale Ale. THE recipe from the President’s White House kitchen staff! They use honey from a beehive on the front lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but as a substitute we use Zenjas which is by far the best honey farm we have found. Served to dignitaries and ambassadors, this beer is sure to please!
OLD BUTCHER ALT Ale, Alt Alt. Have a hack at this old (Alt) style German ale. A sociable drink with a good balance between malt sweetness and hop. Although this brew is dark amber in color it is surprisingly crisp and refreshing. This was the drink of Germany before lagers were discovered.
BLOOD AND FIRE ALE Ale, Amber Amber Ale. Deep amber color, roasty malt flavor with a hint of nuttiness. Created for Charlie Dolski and named after his World War II infantry company “Blood and Fire”. One of our most popular brews.
BREWER’S RED Ale, Amber Amber Ale. Our play on Rogue Red. Amber red color, light to medium body, good alcohol level, and a complex hop character make this brew stand out for those who love hops but want more of a balance in their beer.
STONEHENGE WINTER ALE Ale, British Winter British Winter Ale. A dangerously drinkable ale brewed in the style of Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome. This brew has a light amber color with a pleasing malty, nutty flavor that is balanced by spicy hops. Although this brew is high in alcohol, it’s very easy to drink… be careful!
NORTHERN CANADIAN ALE Ale, Canadian Canadian Ale. This is our version of Molson Golden. Although Molson Golden is technically a blend of ale and lager, this brew uses only British ale yeast and comes about as close as a homebrewer can to this popular style. Clean, dry, and malty.
THUNDER ROAD CREAM ALE Ale, Cream Cream Ale. Cream ale is a little known style of beer, which is a shame, considering that it’s one of the few styles that are truly American. These unique ales are actually hybridized in that they use both ale and lager yeast, producing light, yet creamy beers that are both refreshing and sustentative.
SCREAMING EAGLE DARK ALE Ale, Dark English English Dark Ale. This traditional English brew is styled after Ipswich Dark Ale. This is wonderful example of olde style English ale… Dark brown with garnet highlights, moderate complexity, and relatively dry. This is a very drinkable beer, whether you tend to drink darker beers or not.
SPOTTED HEN ALE Ale, English Strong English Strong Ale. This recipe was made for fans of Old Speckled Hen. A classic English strong ale… smooth and easy to drink, but with a higher alcohol level than normal “session” beers. This is a good ale.
CAESAR’S RED ALE Ale, Irish Irish Ale. This traditional style red ale is a good introduction to more flavorful beers without going too overboard. This reddish brown, moderate bodied brew has a malt sweetness that is balanced by good hop bitterness.
SMITTY WICK’S IRISH ALE Ale, Irish Irish Ale. Modeled after a favorite Irish ale, this brew has been acclaimed by many to be better than Smithwick’s itself. A great year-round ale.
GAELIC MILD Ale, Mild English Mild English Ale. This dark mild is brewed to replicate the “session beers” of yesteryear… lightly sweet, malty, and somewhat fruity in aroma and flavor. The lower alcohol level allows you to overindulge without feeling guilty… perfect for long sessions with good friends!
GRUMPY OLD ALE Ale, Old English Old Ale. A somewhat obscure style, Old Ales (or Stock Ales) hail from a dominantly English background. Malty and dark with extremely complex flavors and lots of alcohol, these beers would be transferred into vats to age – hence the name. Our take mixes the malty and vinous flavors of molasses and beet sugar with the intense uniqueness of Target hops. Like its name suggests, this beer has a lot of attitude! Created by Jason Meehan.
CRANBERRY-MAPLE CHRISTMAS ALE Ale, Pale Winter Pale Winter Ale. Cranberry flavoring, maple syrup, and allspice all come together in harmony, producing a beer that is complex, yet light and drinkable. Unlike other seasonal beers, this light brew won’t weigh you down with loads of calories and body. This is as easy drinking as holiday ales get!
PUMPKIN ALE Ale, Pumpkin Pumpkin Ale. A seasonal brew that is gaining in popularity, pumpkin ales are quickly becoming an autumn tradition, both commercially as well as with homebrewers. This recipe has subtle pumpkin flavors, moderate spiciness, good body, and a respectable alcohol level.
WHISKEY A-GO-GO Ale, Specialty Specialty Ale. Not your everyday, run-of-the-mill beer… This dark ale sports a big body and really big flavor. Fermented with Jack Daniels soaked oak chips, this brew has a unique (and powerful) flavor from beginning to end. Created by Kevin Caruso.
ALASKAN AMBER ALE Amber Ale Amber Ale. Lots of malt character and just enough German hops to keep everything balanced. This close replica of the popular commercial beer of the same name is a favorite of many of our regulars. About as smooth and easy drinking as an amber gets!
CHOCK FULL O’NUGGET Amber Ale Amber Ale. If you’re like us, you love Troeg’s Nugget Nectar (and wish you could buy it all year round.) Now you can brew it yourself! This clone recipe comes out strikingly close to the much sought after hoppy amber ale from Hershey, PA. Lots of flavor, and a decent alcohol content too!
FLAT TIRE AMBER ALE Amber Ale Amber Ale. Our version of Fat Tire, the very popular amber / Belgian fusion from Colorado. With light amber color, medium body, and a pleasing, subtle complexity, this brew is a country wide favorite!
HARVEST ALE Amber Ale Amber Ale. A malty amber ale that is generously hopped, including a dry hopping with cascade. Created by Carl Perks.
RON’S AMBER Amber Ale Amber Ale. This brew represents the epitome of real American craft brewing… Where simple North American ingredients meld together and become more than what they were on their own. Good balance is the goal of this beer, providing a caramel-malt backbone with a respectable shot of Cascade and Amarillo hops. Careful! This is easy drinking!
AVENUE B. EXPORT ALE Amber Ale, American American Amber Ale. From the Jersey shore comes this amber brew, sporting a spicy hop aroma and an alcohol level that will hit you like a 10th avenue freeze out…
BEAVERTOOTH ALE Amber Ale, American American Amber Ale. The combination of crystal grains contributes mildly sweet undertones with a moderate hop flavor and finish. This beer is most commonly described as a lighter version of Fat Tire amber ale.
GNARLEY BARLEY WINE Barley Wine Barley Wine. One of our strongest brews, Gnarley Barley is for the discriminating beer drinker who appreciates everything that beer has to offer… more hops, more malt, more alcohol, more flavor. Barley wines have a vinous (wine like) quality, & many people relate them to brandy or cognac in terms of mouthfeel & warmth. Drink with caution!
ROOFTRAP ALE Belgian Ale Belgian Ale. A traditional, tart, Belgian yeast is used for this strong dark ale. This high alcohol brew is best enjoyed after aging (ideally 6 months to a year). Designed in the style of Troeg’s Mad Elf Winter Ale. This is a bottle-condition only beer. Created by Donald Farrell & Paul Prior.
ENGLEBRETSEN TRAPPIST Belgian Dubbel Belgian Dubbel. Brew like the Belgian monks do! This ale is styled after the famous Trappist ales that are fashioned by the monks of Belgium. True to style, this recipe uses a strain of yeast that comes from one of the last Belgian monasteries.
RAISONETTE TRAPPIST ALE Belgian Dubbel Belgian Dubbel. This brew is modeled after Raision d’Etre from Dog Fish Head Brewery. Brewed with golden raisins and authentic Belgian Trappist yeast. This is a BIG beer… big in body, color, and alcohol.
STELLA DUBOIS Belgian Pilsner Belgian Pilsner. A Belgian style pilsner… light, clean, refreshing, and, of course, a respectable alcohol level. This recipe was created for all of the fans (old and new) of the perennial favorite, Stella Artois.
JERSEY DEVIL Belgian Quad Belgian Quad. Out from the dark and haunted woods of the Pine Barrens comes a beer that packs a truly evil punch! A ‘quad’ is a traditional Belgian style that has quadruple the strength of a regular beer… this recipe is either the beer of your dreams, or it’ll give you nightmares! Created by Jason Meehan.
NO HOE IN DAS GAARDEN Belgian Wit Belgian Wit. This brew is our take on the perennial favorite Hoegaarden, the Belgian Wit beer against which all others are judged. This is a very pale wheat beer, lightly tart & spicy (due to the use of coriander and bitter orange), yet mellow and very drinkable.
ABBE SIEYES Belgian, Abbey Ale Belgian Abbey Ale. This classic Abbey pays tribute to one of the most important French figures in history (pronounced “Abbey C A”). Economical when compared to other beers in its class, but by no means below par, this subtly complex ale is smooth & malty thanks to the combination of specialty grains & yeast.
BELGIAN BLOND ALE Belgian, Blond Ale Imperial Wit Beer. Here’s a brew for all those armchair quarterbacks out there. This “Bud” style beer is the recipe for those who like to stay with a light, thirst quenching beverage. Great for a hot summer day in the backyard!
HAYSTACK BLONDE ALE Belgian, Blond Ale Blonde Ale. This recipe was given to us by the brewmaster of Adirondack Brewing Co. It was a favorite our customers Liz & Al Blanc, and after we brewed it, we agreed. This recipe uses the uncommonly used rye malt grain, giving great complexity.
BISON CREAM ALE Belgian, Cream Ale Cream Ale. This brew replicates a real cream ale. Please note that Genesee “Cream” ale is not really a cream ale… it lacks all of creaminess associated with the style! Cream ales are lighter flavored (and colored) ales that have a larger body & creamer mouth feel than just about any other “light” ale or lager.
SOUTH STREET ABBEY 179 Belgian, Dubbel Belgian Dubbel. A traditional Belgian Strong ale. Belgian Abbey Ale yeast produces fruity and spicy notes, making this ale robust and deep. A rich brown color along with a high alcohol level make this a warming beer, perfect for cold winter nights.
DEVIL BREW Belgian, Strong Ale Belgian Strong Ale. A Belgian strong golden ale in the Duvel style. This is a very strong ale and is not for the faint of heart… Very light in color and body but watch out for the alcohol… it packs a wallop!
DEVILS NIGHTMARE Belgian, Strong Ale Belgian Strong Ale. Fire, brimstone, priests, and plague are all child’s play to good ‘ol Satan… This brew, however, is the devils nightmare. Sure its light, golden color, subtle peppery spiciness, and dry, refreshing body seem unalarming… until the whopping 9 – 9.5% ABV lifts him up onto puffy, glorious, angel laden clouds of joy.
AMOUR DE DIABLES Belgian, Strong Dark Ale Belgian Strong Dark Ale. This ethereal brew was modeled after the world renowned Rochefort 8. Luscious malt flavors marry with real Belgian candi sugar with just enough hops to keep everything in balance. This recipe uses the actual yeast strain from the Brasserie de Rochefort, making this brew as close to the real thing that you can possibly get.
BELGIAN STRONG TRIPPEL Belgian, Strong Trippel Belgian Trippel. A strong Belgian style ale with a light golden color. Although light in color, this beer is not to be taken lightly as it packs a wallop with its huge alcohol levels! Created by Tom Logan.
BERRY WHEAT Belgian, Wheat Fruit Wheat Beer. Most agree that wheat beer has a natural affinity with fresh fruit. This recipe combines a classic wheat recipe with a good dose of the berries of your choice for a clean, refreshing beer with just enough fruit kick. Choose from Blueberry, Blackberry, or Raspberry!
BLANC DE RUE SUD Belgian, Wit Belgian Wit. This beer takes a traditional Belgian Wit beer and infuses it with an American sensibility, producing a beer that is somewhere in between the dry, peppery style of Hoe Gaarden and the lighter, more orangy Blue Moon. A tasty, refreshing brew!
CHERRY POPPIN BELGIAN Belgian, Wit Belgian Wit. The ultimate imperial witbier. A good light/medium body with lots of flavor… and alcohol. The addition of cherry flavoring brings a whole new dimension to this witbier style brew!
JERSEYVILLE BEST BITTER Bitter, American American Bitter. This American style bitter has a great hop character which gives a slightly sharp edge, almost making it a pale ale. A good choice for the beer drinker who enjoys the bitter and ESB styles.
BRITISH BOBBY BEST BITTER Bitter, English English Bitter. A Boddington’s style ale. This beer is light in color, but not light in flavor. It is generously hopped and has light fruit nuances due to the use of Safbrew ale yeast. Created by Tom Logan.
KING COLUBUS BLACK IPA Black Ale, India India Black Ale. This recipe showcases a brand new beer style known as Cascadian Dark Ale or India Black Ale… So new, in fact, they haven’t decided on what actually to call the style! In any event, this “style” blends the likes of a stout and an IPA and makes them one.
ABBEY WEIZENBOCK Bock Bock/Weisen Bier. Weizenbock has become a popular beer due to its uniqueness. This brew has a bigger malt presence (much like a bock) and a little less of the classic banana / clove Hefeweizen flavor.
BEACHY BLONDE MAI BOCK Bock Bock. This beer was originally intended to be a clone of Stoudts Blonde Double Mai Bock, but it actually surpassed it and took on a life of its own. An excellent brew. If you like Stoudts Bock, you’ll love this one! Originally created for Bill Loughran.
BUZZER BEATER BOCK Bock Bock. An authentic, aggressive, German style bock beer. True bocks are nothing like ordinary lagers… They’re well balanced, dark, higher in alcohol, and full of flavor!
FRAULEIN BLONDE BOCK Bock Bock. An often overlooked beer style, blonde bock has one of the best combinations of refreshing crispness, full body and complex flavors. This is a moderately hopped beer with a very respectable alcohol level. An excellent beer!
MAI BOCK Bock Bock. Mai Bocks are very strong, full flavored, pale lagers that originate from Germany. They are traditionally brewed in winter & aged until May… hence the name (“Mai” is German for “May”); However, this brew is good anytime of year!
SUBLIMNATOR DOPPLE BOCK Bock Bock. An strong lager in the dopplebock (“double bock”) style. This is a great recipe for the experimental brewer, or for the brewer that enjoys the crisp qualities of a lager, yet still wants the depth and complexity of an ale. Please note that this brew is a bit higher in alcohol than your average lager!
SHINING BOCK Bock Bock. Germany meets America… Texas style! This is our interpretation of Shiner’s Bock. A very drinkable dark lager with lot’s of flavor and moderate alcohol.
APPLE HONEY ALE Braggot Braggot. What is a braggot? It’s a beer AND a cider AND a mead! This recipe combines all of our favorite things into one delicious glass.. need we say more!
HONEY BROWN ALE Brown Ale Brown Ale. A light bodied sweet brown ale brewed in the Dundee Honey Brown style. A great session beer!
NEW ENGLAND CHESTNUT Brown Ale Brown Ale. A good example of an American brown ale, this beer offers a mild, slightly nutty, malty aroma & flavor that is balanced by a light hopping with traditional English hops. Amber malt helps accentuate the satisfying nutty flavor of this brew.
OLD FORTRESS BROWN ALE Brown Ale Brown Ale. Here is our version of Newcastle. While true Newcastle is a blend of two separate beers, this brew does a good job of mimicking many of its characteristics, allowing the homebrewer to come pretty close to this smooth, famous English ale. Cheers!
DAVES BIG BROWN ALE Brown Ale, American American Brown Ale. One of our favorite styles of beer is a nice simple brown ale. A perfect blend of malt and hop flavors combine in this beer that balances both with a moderate alcohol level. Toasty up front with plenty of hop flavor in the finish, possibly the definitive session beer! Created by Dave Magner.
DEEZ NUTS Brown Ale, Northern English Northern English Brown. This traditional English brown ale is similar to Samuel Smiths Nut Brown, with its “nutty” and “bread” like qualities, making this a perfect fall or winter beer. One taste, and you’ll want more of deez nuts!
HOLIDAY CHEER Brown Ale, Seasonal Seasonal Brown Ale. Honey, nutmeg, cinnamon, and orange zest combine for a wonderful spiced beer that’s tailor made for curling up by the fire during those long cold winter nights.
BLACK ADDER DUNKEL Dunkel Dunkel. Don’t let the dark color scare you… this lager is smooth and easy to drink while the roasted grains give it a mild complexity that everyone can enjoy.
DUNKEL WEISSBIER Dunkel Dunkel. Dark (Dunkel), Wheat (Weiss) Beer (bier) brewed with traditional German yeast. Deep amber to brown in color, this brew is full-flavored and full bodied with hints of cloves & spicy esters. This is a strong wheat beer with lots of flavor.
KULMBACH DUNKEL Dunkel Dunkel. A classic dark German lager. This brew has good malty flavor with a hint of chocolate and is countered by a light, refreshing dose of German hops. Refreshing, with plenty of complexity.
BILBO’S ESB Extra Special Bitter Extra Special Bitter. A traditional British ESB. A respectable hop profile and the addition of brown sugar give this brew just enough complexity without sacrificing drinkability.
BREWER’S ESB Extra Special Bitter Extra Special Bitter Ale. Modeled after Fuller’s popular ESB, this beer has a good hop and malt character. This style of beer is popular in pubs all over the U.K.
MESA TRAIL ESB Extra Special Bitter Extra Special Bitter. Named after the famous Boulder foothills “catwalk”. Despite the “bitter” connotation, bitters are a bit less hoppy than pale ales. A kiss of black malt gives this British style brew an authentic, light, roasty color without any roasty flavor. If you’re looking for refreshing, balanced beer, this is a good choice!
PHILBY Extra Special Bitter Extra Special Bitter. This is as close as homebrew gets to the famous London Pride ESB. While you won’t get it as clear as them (because of their ultra-filtering process), you’ll be very close to the flavor and mouth feel of one of Britain’s most treasured pub ales. Extremely refreshing and well balanced. Cheers!
SEMPLE’S BEST BITTER Extra Special Bitter Extra Special Bitter. This “Best Bitter” (more commonly known as “extra special bitter”), is a bit darker than most beers in its class, showing off a shade of amber. This recipe has a resemblance to Stone Brewery’s “Stones Best”, making this a popular beer to make.
CELEBRATE ALE IPA India Pale Ale. This strong ale is somewhat high in alcohol content, but it’s balanced by a good dose of malt and even more hops. Done in the style of Sierra Nevada Celebration, this is a great choice for hop lovers that still want obvious malt flavor in their beer.
DECIMATION IPA IPA India Pale Ale. Hopheads rejoice! Here’s our clone of the beer that many consider to be the best IPA on the market… Stone’s Ruination. This beer deftly showcases loads of hops without killing the gentle, malty background… an uncommon feat for sure.
EAST BROOKWOOD IPA India Pale Ale. This is an amber colored, lighter bodied IPA with a crisp hop flavor and aroma. This ale was originally modeled after Ballentine, but really has a life of its own… being a bit darker with a different hop profile. A good beer for the warmer months. Created by Carl Perks.
PLOWER FOWER IPA India Pale Ale. You asked for it, here it is… Ithica Brewing’s Flower Power Clone! Tons and tons of spicy Amarillo and Galaxy hops create this brew’s finish and truly make it what it is, an intensely hoppy beer with a respectable alcohol content and a TON of flavor!
PUB SCOUT INDIA PALE ALE IPA India Pale Ale. Created for Kurt Epps, reporter for the Ale Street News. The Chinook hops come on strong, making this IPA memorable. Good body, moderate alcohol level, and a respectable hopping rate make this a good choice for hop heads!
HOPPY LIL’ DEVIL IPA, American American IPA. This beer packs a “hell” of a lot of hop flavor into your glass! Brewed using the same ingredients that Victory Brewing uses for their flagship India Pale Ale, this beer boasts a modest alcohol level matched with ample malt and lots and lots of Cascade hops!
OLD PINEY IPA, Double Double IPA. It came from the Pine Barrens of Jersey! Quite possible the most hoppy recipe in our books, this is our tribute to Russian River Brewing’s much sought after Pliny. This beer packs so much hop flavor and aroma, with a good alcohol level too! Definitely enjoy this brew FRESH!
REINDORF KOLSCH Kolsch Kolsch. Many American beer lovers still haven’t heard of Kolsch style ales, which is a shame… Kolsch beer is the lightest of the ales (the uninitiated may confuse this brew with a lager), yet it’s wonderfully complex. This is the “lawn- mower beer” of beer snobs.
WATERMELON KOLSCH Kolsch Kolsch. The light, crisp yet slightly fruity style of this German Ale is perfectly complemented her with the refreshing flavor of fresh watermelons. A real thirst quencher, this beer may quite possibly be summertime harnessed in a bottle!
MANCHESTER HONEY LAGER Lager Lager. If you’re looking to take a step up from lighter lagers and expand your horizons, but don’t want to stray too far, here’s the beer for you. This brew is smooth, malty, with moderate alcohol and very little hop “presence”.
MUNICH MADNESS Lager Lager. This is a German lager kicked up a notch… a bolder flavor, a slight hint of fruit, a creamier head, and a bit more hops. If you’re looking for a lager with a little something extra, this is a great brew.
NEGRA MEXICALI Lager Lager. A Negra Modelo style Vienna Lager. A fruity flavor, a moderate malt aroma & hop bitterness make for a well rounded lager. This is a wonderful brew to have around as summer turns to fall and the chill brings a thirst for something richer.
STEINMADCHEN LAGER Lager Lager. This is a true-to-style Bavarian brew… very clean with subtle hop notes. This brew has been described as a slightly less hoppy version of St. Pauli Girl. We tend to say it is a little more reminiscent of Becks… Either way, it’s a great, refreshing beer.
VIENNA LAGER Lager Lager. This amber colored lager is lightly sweet with a nice, malty flavor. The hop schedule is light, using just enough to provide a good dryness. A smart step up for people looking to venture away from ordinary commercial type lagers.
BEECHWOOD LAGER Lager, American American Lager. Here’s a brew for all those armchair quarterbacks out there. This “Bud” style beer is the recipe for those who like to stay with a light, thirst quenching beverage. Great for a hot summer day in the backyard!
LUEBECKER LAGER Lager, American American Lager. Here’s a crowd-friendly brew with a soft character, mild hops, and a relatively dry finish. For those of you who’d like to make something like Yuengling, this is your brew! Easy to make, easy to drink.
REVERE’S BOSTON LAGER Lager, American American Lager. The “Boston” may give this one away. This is our version of Sam Adams Boston style lager. Boston lager is very popular with many people because it offers a little extra flavor (than normal light beers) without getting to heavy or dark. Great for first-timer brewers!
TOASTY LAGER Lager, American American Lager. Our rendition of the flagship Blue Point Brewing Co. beer. Toasted Vienna and Crystal malts add color and flavor, while the German yeasts keep this beer crisp and refreshing! This is a session beer for those looking for something just a little different. Created by Dave Magner.
OUT-BACK LAGER Lager, Australian Australian Lager. G’day mate… Here’s a brew for lovers of the down-under favorite, Foster’s. This golden lager is smooth and easy to drink. This beer is a little higher in alcohol than other beers in this class… drink too much and you’ll be screamin’ Crikey!
BLACK ONYX LAGER Lager, Black Lager. This black lager is really impressive and many of our customers have raved about this brew. About as dark, complex, and strong as a lager gets. Roasty, yet light and refreshing! A great brew. Created by Carmine Diamonte.
AMSTERDAM LAGER Lager, Dutch Dutch Lager. A good representation of a typical Dutch lager. Light, smooth, and easy to drink. OranjeBOOM!
BLACKBERRY GOLD Lager, Fruit Fruit Lager. This light bodied lager is combined with blackberry essence to create a refreshing summer brew that has a great balance between fruitiness, sweetness, and dryness. Even people that aren’t fans of fruit beers are likely to enjoy this brew!
DORTMUNDER EXPORT Lager, German German Lager. A beer inspired by the brewers of central Germany, this recipe can be compared to beers by Ayinger & DAB. Moderate alcohol, creamy body, & just a kiss of hops… A perfect session brew for lovers of German lager . Revised in 2009 ~ totally authentic!.
DEUTSCHLANDER LAGER Lager, German German Lager. Golden in color, this medium bodied brew is representative of old style German lagers. It’s refreshingly hopped, has a respectable alcohol level, and has more malt character than a normal lager. This is a great lager that is hard to beat.
IRISH LAGER Lager, Irish Irish Lager. A good, traditional Irish lager. If you’re a fan of Harp then this beer is a good choice. Mild malt and caramel flavors. Light amber color. Refreshing!
KETCHY CHUBBY Lager, Jamaican Jamaican Lager. Our version of Jamaica’s famous Red Stripe lager. Bring a taste of the islands home with this crisp and refreshing summertime beer. Jimmy says, “Ya mon!”
CERVESA BUENA Lager, Mexican Mexican Lager. This “good beer” is brewed to taste like Corona. A nice light body and crisp clean taste is achieved by not steeping any grains and using very little hops. A great “south of the border recipe”, for spring, summer, winter, or fall.
HIRSCHGARTEN MARZEN Lager, Oktoberfest Oktoberfest Lager. Our version of the original Oktoberfest bier. This brew has a perfect balance between color, aroma, & flavor. Hypnotic deep amber hue, great malt sweetness, filling yet refreshing, this beer is in a class all on its own… And, despite the Oktoberfest moniker, this brew is good any time of the year!
STEAMY LING LAGER Lager, Steam Steam Lager. Here’s another interpretation of the California “Steam” lager style. This malty, light amber brew is balanced by subtle caramel flavors and spicy German hops. A lager with character!
SEQUOIA STEAM Lager, Steam This amber brew is a variation of the famous “steam” lager style from California. This brew is a bit higher in alcohol, body, and (obviously) color, than its predecessor… So, if you’re looking for a little something extra in your lager, this is a good choice.
ZOMBIE BREW Maibock Maibock. At last! We’ve created our own clone of Rogue’s infamous Dead Guy Ale. Malty and rich, with just a hint of creaminess. The perfect recipe for summoning up the living dead!
APRICOT ALE NINE Pale Ale Pale Ale with Fruit. Brewed in the style of Magic Hat No. 9, this pale ale is sure to please devoted fans. Lightly hopped and dry. One of the easiest drinking fruit beers!
DEAD PRESIDENTS ALE Pale Ale Pale Ale. Despite the grim name, this is a great beer. Not too heavy, not too light & just enough hops. This is great beer to bring to gatherings because it is enjoyed by light beer drinkers and experienced beer drinkers alike.
HOPHEAD PALE ALE Pale Ale Pale Ale. If you’re looking for a good hop kick without going too crazy, give this tasty pale ale a try. Created by Tim Wuchter and Todd Novak.
HOWLING WOLF PALE ALE Pale Ale Pale Ale. Pale ales are a perennial favorite, and you can never have too many to choose from. Traditional British hops, a little honey and brown sugar make this wolf howl! Created by Len Miller.
LIBERTINE ALE Pale Ale Pale Ale. This Anchor Liberty style ale boasts loads of hoppy, fruity, and citrusy aromas and flavors due to liberal use of Columbus and Cascade hops. A good brew for people who like hops but don’t necessarily want to be inundated with them every sip they take. High Alcohol.
ROYAL PALE ALE Pale Ale Pale Ale. This British style pale ale was created to loosely resemble Bass. This brew sports a light pale color and has a nice, dry finish which makes for easy drinking.
SWEET CAROLINE IPA Pale Ale Pale Ale. This highly hopped IPA is a tribute to a brunette with an edge. It is dry and highly aromatic. This recipe was created by a customer who was trying to clone Dale’s Pale Ale… and they came very close!
SIERRA MADRE PALE ALE Pale Ale Pale Ale. This recipe was made for fans of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Wheat & crystal malts provide a sweet backdrop to help showcase the citrusy hops. This brew has a moderate alcohol level, making it a perfect session beer for hop lovers!
TAJ MAHAL PALE ALE Pale Ale Pale Ale. This brew rides the line between pale ale and IPA (India Pale Ale). A deep pale ale with a malt bill that provides a light, caramel-sweetness, but also helps the hops shine through as well. Very popular.
METEDICONK SUMMER BREW Pale Ale, American American Pale Ale. This refreshing brew is in the style of Pete’s Wicked Summer Brew. No need for a lemon wedge here… this beer comes pre-spiked with a good dose of lemon! A great summer beer with a little extra kick. Created for the Castellano Brothers.
COURAGEIOUS PITBULL ALE Pale Ale, British British Pale Ale. A traditional British style ale with a not-so-traditional twist! This ale uses British hops for bittering and flavoring but is dry-hopped with Cascade for an “American” finish. A nice medium bodied ale with good complexity and a hoppy ending.
BUDAPEST PILS Pilsner Pilsner. Budapest is a Hungarian style Pilsner that is a little drier than the Czech style and has a slightly higher alcohol content to boot. This brew is clean with a pleasing hoppy finish.
CZECH SESSION PILSNER Pilsner Pilsner. A remarkably drinkable beer, the Czech Session gets it distinctive flavor and unique finish from the famous Saaz hop. This is our version of the legendary Pilsner Urquell.
FRED’S WARSTEINER PILSNER Pilsner Pilsner. Created by a native German to replicate his all-time favorite beer, this straw colored pilsner is light, yet flavorful and satisfying. An excellent choice for a hot summer day.
GW AMBASSADOR Pilsner Pilsner. If you like Sam Adam’s Golden Pilsner, then this brew is for you. This beer is light and refreshing but doesn’t skimp on body thanks to a light grain bill.
COLONIAL PORTER Porter Porter. Spruce, licorice, and molasses were commonly used as substitutes for malt and hops in colonial times and we’ve included them in this recipe to give an authentic touch. The combination of these flavors is surprisingly refreshing! Advanced notice may be required.
LONDON PORTER Porter Porter. A lighter, fruity, dry porter that goes down smooth. This is a “gateway” brew and is readily accepted by those brewers just beginning to transition towards darker beers. An excellent beer for seafood!
SOUTH STREET HONEY PORTER Porter Porter. This dark porter is malty, smooth and has a respectable alcohol level. If you want something dark and slightly off the beaten path, this is a good beer to try!
WHITE HOUSE HONEY PORTER Porter Porter. THE recipe from the President’s White House kitchen staff! They use honey from a beehive on the front lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but as a substitute we use Zenjas which is by far the best honey farm we have found. Served to dignitaries and ambassadors, this beer is sure to please!
2001 WINTER PORTER Porter Our most popular porter recipe, and rightly so. This brew comes close to porter perfection… Complex flavors of chocolate, and roasted malt are balanced with mild, citrusy, hops. Created by Joe Radman. Re-released 2009!
SMOOTH PORTER Porter, Baltic Baltic Porter. This true-to-style Baltic Porter lives up to its name with plenty of depth, a deep black hue, and more smoothness than cool cucumber on a hot Saturday night. Be forewarned, although this brew is extremely easy to drink it has a very respectable alcohol level.