Black & Brew Friday 2017

Join us on Black & Brew Friday

November 24th at 1:00 pm

 We'll be brewing up our Apple Honey Ale!

We are switching things up a bit for BLACK FRIDAY with two ways to participate in on our Brew~To~Go service.  The first is our traditional model where you brew your wort with us and take it home to complete the brewing process. The second option is to leave your share with us, return on bottling day* and bottle your share of the batch!!

This is a wonderful opportunity to relax and spend quality time with those that matter most to you. No lines, no crowds, not jockeying for a parking spot … just you and a few other like minded (i.e., beer lovers) brewing up your own BRAGGOT for gift giving or sharing with your holiday guests!

This seasonal ale has some of our favorite fall flavors, apple cider and wildflower honey that  combine to produce a full bodied brew.  Great choice for serving this holiday season.

Friday, November 24th @ 1:00 pm

Brew~To~Go: $60 / 5 gals

Brew~To~Stay: $90 / 48 x 12 oz bottles

 B U Y   N O W 

Limited number of shares, reservations required.
* Bottling scheduled individually.

 No discounts or other promotions are valid with this special offer.

November 06, 2017 by Jo Ellen Ford
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