The Brewer's Apprentice prides itself for our extensive recipe collection ... a collection that keeps growing!!

We've been busy creating some exciting new additions for you to explore.  

  • World Gose Around:
A Gose is traditional German style wheat beer from Goslar, Germany. Named after the very salty Gose River that runs through the town. This beer is salty, tart, and very refreshing. Think of it as a salty Berliner Weiss.
  • Haze Craze New England Style IPA: 
Juicy, hazy IPA's are the new trend. They pack just enough bitterness to be an IPA while having an insane amount of bursting hop flavors and aromas from the late additions. This is one of our most asked about styles.
  • Hop Juice Pale Ale: 
This is one of the newer, more popular breeds of pale ale and accentuates the bright fruitiness of the hops. There is a unique "very hoppy but not too bitter" aspect that comes from most hop additions being added late in the boil.  This citrusy bold pale ale is sure to please hop heads and casual drinkers alike.
  • Sorachi Spade: 
This is our clone of Brooklyn Brewery's Sorachi Ace. It is brewed with 100% Sorachi Ace hops, giving a lemony, buttery, earthy and spicy characteristic.  Weighing in at 7- 7.5% ABV this Farmhouse Saison packs a punch while remaining flavorful and smooth.
  • Vanilla Porter:
This porter boasts strong vanilla flavor while still having a nice malt complexity.  If you like Breckenridge Brewery's Vanilla Porter, then this beer will surely satisfy.  A respectable alcohol level and a smooth finish make this a Winter time favorite.

    We have expanded our hop selection too!! 

    • New Zealand Motueka
    Lively lemon and lime tones with background hints of tropical fruit.
    Typical Alpha Acid: 6.5%-8.5%
    • Azacca®
    Big in citrus and tropical fruit tones. Azacca's excellent aromatic qualities have quickly made it a go-to hop for late and dry hop additions in varying styles of beer.
    Alpha Acid: 11.6%
    • Calypso
    Dual purpose hop with a pleasantly complex fruity and citrusy aroma. Hints of pear, apple, sweet lemon-lime, as well as notes of earthy tea.
    Alpha Acid: 12.2%
    • Crystal
    Mild, spicy and floral
    Typical Alpha Acid: 3.5% - 5.5%.
    • Jarrylo
    is a dwarf cultivar considered to be a dual purpose hop by most brewers. Provides banana, orange and spicy tones.
    Typical Alpha Acid: 15 - 17%
    • Lemon Drop
    Notes of lemon, mint, green tea and slight melon.
    Alpha Acid: 5-7%
    • Hallertau Blanc
    Floral and fruity with passion fruit, grapefruit, pineapple, grape and lemongrass overtones.
    Typical Alpha Acid: 9.0 - 12.0%. 
    • Huell Melon
    Distinct fruit characteristics including honeydew melon and strawberry flavors
    Typical Alpha Acid: 6.9 - 7.5%.
    • Zythos
    Distinct tropical (pineapple) and citrus tones, with slight pine characteristics.
    Typical Alpha Acid: 10.0%-12.5%




        January 08, 2017 by Jo Ellen Ford
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