Recent legislation has eliminated the need for home brewers and winemakers to obtain a permit from the state to brew at home.

HOWEVER, permits are still required to make beer or wine at an "Instructional Facility" (The Brewer's Apprentice).

Permit forms can be obtained from the state website, and we do have a limited number of forms at the store, with our store name and license number filled in for your convenience. The license is issued by The State of NJ and takes approximately 2 weeks to receive. The application must be accompanied by a fee of $15.00 in the form of a check or money order payable to the Division of A.B.C. Please, be sure to fill out the approximate start date and finish date (allow one month for beer and two months for wine). You may download the application here.  TBA's 12 Digit License Number 340-239-278-001. The ABC returns your permit directly to The Brewer's Apprentice. We will record and file it for you; if you'd like to take it home with you, just ask.

Permits are good for one year, from the date of issue and entitle the permit holder to brew up to 200 gallons of beer or wine for their own personal use or consumption. Sale or commercial distribution of beer or wine made at our store is strictly prohibited.