This ethereal brew was modeled after the world renowned Rochefort 8. Luscious malt flavors marry with real Belgian candi sugar with just enough hops to keep everything in balance. This recipe uses Belgian Abbey yeast strain; making this brew close to the real thing.
Style: Belgian Ale - Strong & Dark
Yeast: Belgian Abbey Yeast - The classic Belgian yeast directly from Rochefort!
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All Grain Ingredients
  • Special B 7 oz
  • Aromatic Malt 6 oz
Extract Ingredients
  • Pale 2 qts
  • Dark .5 qts
  • Lite DME 1 lbs
  • D Belg. Candi 1 lbs
  • D2 Belg. Candi 2 lbs
Other Ingredients
Bittering Hops (40 mins)
  • Styrian Goldings 1 oz
Finishing Hops (10 mins)
  • Hallertau .25 oz
  • Whirlfloc 1 tablet or Irish Moss 1 scoop
Finishing Hops (5 mins)
  • Coriander .5 oz

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