West Ham Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal Stout. This brew pays homage to two things that many Brit's hold close to their hearts - Young's Oatmeal Stout and the Hammersmith Football team. A fair share of oats makes this a super smooth stout and very easy to drink. This is a great example of what you'll find at any good pub in the United Kingdom.

Saturday february 23, 2018 @ 2:00 PM

Brew ~ To ~ Go: $65 / 5 gals

Reservation required

Call 732-863-9411


B u y   N o w :  West Ham Oatmeal Stout

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with what they want and need, The Brewer's Apprentice launched our Brew To Go service in June 2016.  It's not full on premises brewing, nor is it traditional home brewing.  It is a hybrid merging the best of both worlds.  It provides the ease and convenience of brewing in our facility, with the 5 gallon yield of home brewing.  

With this service, the brewing process, up through the production of the wort, is completed by you on premises at TBA.  Brewers take home their share of the wort for fermentation and bottling. 

TBA will selects recipes appropriate for the season to be brewed for BREW TO GO  and announce it on the first of each month.

This service is an ideal solution for:

  • Those that have considered getting into the hobby of home brewing, but are not sure if home brewing is for them or where to start.
  • Those who love our brew-on-premises service, but find a 15 gallon batch too large for their needs.
  • First time brewer's ready to home brew, but would prefer not to brew alone.
  • Those that want more variety.  The smaller batch size is a great way for our BOP customers to sample our top recipes without having to brew a full 15 gallons and a great time saver for our home brew customers freeing them up to brew more frequently.
  • Those who enjoy brewing, but hate the smell and/or mess home brewing leaves in your kitchen ... or have a partner that does.  
  • Those that don't have the space to brew comfortably.
  • Those that would prefer to make only one trip to TBA due to travel distance or coordinating schedules.
  • Those who enjoy brewing, but don't know others who share their passion.  BREW TO GO is a wonderful way to connect with fellow brewers and make new acquaintances.

Feel free to bring your home brew to share with others on your brew day. The Brewer's Apprentice does all the set-up and clean-up so you can really RELAX AND HAVE A HOME BREW. 

    At the end of the brew process you'll:

    • Pitch the yeast
    • Add any dry hop(s)
    • Transfer 5 gallons of fermentable wort into your fermenting bucket
    • Install your airlock
    • Take priming sugar and detailed instructions home with your wort

    At home, you will store your bucket in a location that has a steady temperature (approx 65 F), check the gravity at 7-10 days, rack (and/or filter) and bottle your beer.  Even though you will monitor your beer as it matures into a fantastic brew,  remember TBA will be here to answer any questions you may have along the way.

    * TBA will select recipes to represent a variety of styles and seasonal favorites.  To the extent possible, customer requests will be taken into consideration when making our selection.  TBA will post the current month's selection, however, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to ensure you receive an announcement of our current brew selection.

    Home brew equipment needed to complete the brewing process:

    1. A fermenting bucket with an air lock
    2. A second vessel for racking (a bottling bucket or carboy will work)
    3. Siphoning equipment (auto-siphon, tubing, and bottle filler)
    4. Hydrometer and test stand
    5. Bottles
    6. Caps
    7. Capper
    8. Cleaner
    9. Sanitizer