Here you will find instructions for all of the basic steps of brewing at home, bottle care for our brew-on-premise customers and instructions on label submission.  If you do not find what you are looking for, please send us a message using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Basic Extract Homebrewing Instructions

These instructions will take you through the entire extract brewing process. If you're not sure of what type of brewing you're doing, or if you're just starting out in homebrewing, then you're almost definitely extract brewing.

Basic All Grain Homebrewing Instructions

These instructions will take you through the mashing and sparging process of all grain brewing. All grain brewing involves grain only and almost never includes malt syrups or dry sugars. If you don't find the detail you need within these instructions, call us or drop by the store. Or even better, get a really good homebrewing book, such as "How To Brew" by John Palmer.

One Gallon Mead Directions

One gallon may sound small, but is the perfect size for experimenting with new flavors!!  Here you will find instructions to guide you through the process of making a one gallon batch of mead.

Sanitizing Tips
Over the years we have collected a few general tips that will help you maintain your equipment in a sanitary condition and protect your beer or wine from contamination. 

Making a Yeast Starter

If you will be using liquid yeast to make a higher gravity beer (i.e., over 1.060) , it's imperative that you have as many yeast cells as possible.  We therefore strongly recommend making a yeast starter.  These instructions will guide you through the process.

Bottling Instructions

These instructions take you through the process of bottling your homebrew. Also included are tips on sanitizing, bottle conditioning, and general bottle care.

Bottle Care For Brew On Premise Customers

If you've brewed beer on our premises and want to know how to store your beer to help maintain beer quality and/or you plan on reusing your bottles, these guidelines will help you to get the most bang for your buck... Allowing you to reuse your bottles over and over again and helping to ensure that your bottles are clean and free from infections!

Labels For Your Brew

If you've brewed on our premises you will have received 5 blank sheets of labels. You can then request we send images of our blank labels via email. You'll need to submit it through this online form. All of our label instructions and guidelines can be found at the top of the form as well.