Label Submission Form

Although we at The Brewer's Apprentice are not printing labels any longer, still we want to  continue offering our extensive label selection to our customers so they can have them professionally printed to their own expectations.

The following approach is currently in place:

1. When a beer, wine, mead, cider, or soda customer brews with us, they will be invited to select two labels from our collection on their brew day. High resolution JPG files of these two labels will be sent to them via email within about 48 hours.

2. You will be provided with complimentary blank label sheets (5 sheets per batch).The JPG files we supply to you can be inserted into your favorite Office or other document publisher using the templates they provide.

3. Our website will (soon) include a catalog of our labels in very low resolution to assist in label selection.  If, after these selections, a customer requires further options, we will certainly comply but cannot guarantee a timeline.

4. Or you may choose to shop online for label printing services. Our research indicates that customers can expect to pay an average of $45 for 75 labels through most of these services.

Avery Labels also has an online label designer, as well as some great tips for setting up your labels in a variety of publishing software, which you can find at

Please note this new approach took effect April 15, 2016.

Thank you all for your support and understanding!


Your Party Name
PLEASE NOTE: This is last name of the person in your brew party that is the permit holder (i.e. the last name the party brewed under). If you are someone else sending labels on their behalf, you must use their name!

Your Email Address
Make sure that you provide a working email address. You will be sent a confirmation email once your label file is successfully sent.

Your Brew Date
It is important that we know the date you brewed so that we can quickly connect your label order with your customer file. If you can't remember your brew date, check your records or call us before you send this order!

Label Choice One

To select artwork, click the button next to the artwork. To preview artwork at a larger size, click the artwork.

Label Choice Two

To select artwork, click the button next to the artwork. To preview artwork at a larger size, click the artwork.