The Traditional Drink of Love!!

Mead is the oldest alcoholic drink known to man and

is made from three simple ingredients .... honey, water & yeast


The Brewer's Apprentice has been a fixture in Freehold for 20 years and has helped thousands of customers make their favorite mead style.  We encourage you to explore this under appreciated beverage.  Whether you are new to mead or are looking to reconnect with this smooth drinking potion, consider making mead with us for the following reasons:

QUALITY:  The quality of the mead made on premises will rival, if not surpass, any mead you've ever tasted.  The reason is we start with the highest quality ingredients including the best varietal honey and clean, pure water.  Couple that with our experience and sanitation standards and you have a consistent, high quality product.  We stand behind our on premises products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

15 - Gallon Traditional $300.00     15-Gallon Melomel or Metheglin $350.00

 5 - Gallon Traditional $200.00       5 - Gallon Melomel or Metheglin $250.00

EXPERIENCE:  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are passionate and enthusiastic about our products.  Whether you are a seasoned brewer looking for tips on the finer points of mead making or a green novice that knows nothing about making mead, they are here to give you the level of support and guidance you are seeking.

QUANTITY:  We offer two batch sizes ... our standard batch is 15 gallons and our small batch is 5 gallons.  The standard batch yields 62 - 750ml wine bottles or 72 - 22 oz. beer bottles.  Our small batch yields 24 - 750ml wine bottles or 26 - 22 oz. beer bottles.  Our standard batch is perfect for gift giving and party hosting.  If you are unsure whether mead is something you will enjoy, we recommend starting with our small batch initially .... that is until you fall in love with this fabulous drink and can't wait to make a standard one!  We also recommend making several small batches for those that want variety.   Having several varieties on hand will make your guests feel like they are at a private tasting event!!

VARIETY: The Brewer's Apprentice offers a vast array of mead recipes ranging from traditional .... to Melomel (fruit Meads) ... to Metheglin (flowers, herbs or spiced Mead)!  We have an extensive selection of tried and true unique recipes; such as Lemon, Orange and Ginger, IPA, Rose, Elderflower, Lavender, Tej and Green Tea. Mead is the perfect palette to express your personal taste and creativity. With more than 20 recipes to choose from, we are sure to have a recipe that will appeal to you no matter what your preference is!!

Last, but not least, mead is UNIQUE:  The term "Honeymoon" is believed to come from the practice of newlywed couples consuming mead for one month ... or a full cycle of the moon ... after their wedding.  It is also believed to be an aphrodisiac.  Whether this is true or not doesn't matter, what matters is its uniqueness.  Let the romance of meads age-old traditions envelope you and your guests on your special day!

It is important to know making mead is a slow process with it taking up to 3 months to ferment ... and aging in the bottle is highly recommended.  So planning is key if you'd like to have mead for a specific event!  

If you'd like more information on mead, the varieties available or how to book an appointment call us!

Celebrate your honeymoon with your very own, handcrafted mead!