A Belgian golden is usually fuller in body and mouthfeel. With an alcohol content normally of between 5 and 8% ABV (though some golden ales may go up as high as 12% or higher), it is also stronger than the ordinary 5% brew. Effervescent and refreshing, this great style is sure to please any time of the year.
Style: Belgian Golden
Yeast: Belgian Golden Yeast - Phenolic and slightly sweet
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All Grain Ingredients
  • Belgian Pilsen .75 lbs
  • Cara-Pils .5 lbs
  • Flaked Wheat .5 lb
Extract Ingredients
  • Super Light 2.5 qts
  • Dextrose 1 lb
Other Ingredients
Bittering Hops
  • Kent Goldings .75 oz
  • Styrian Goldings .25 oz
  • Saaz .25 oz
Finishing Hops
  • Saaz .5 oz
  • Whirlfloc 1 tablet

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