It is your special day ....

Make Your Wedding* as Unique as You!

(* or any of life's many celebrations)

The Brewer's Apprentice has helped hundreds of bride and grooms-to-be create their wedding favors.  Handcrafted wine makes a wonderful wedding favor.  Sharing a gift with your loved ones that you personally created gives more meaning to your special day, making it even more touching for both you and your guests.

We make wine-making easy with a simple two visit process.  On your first visit you make the wine and on your return visit eight weeks later you will bottle your creation.  Our experienced staff takes care of all the in between steps for you.

With so many wine styles to choose from, the hardest part of the process may be deciding which wine you want to share with your guests!

When you make your favors with us, everything is included - no surprises.  The average price for one batch of wine (26 - 750ml bottles) is $215.00.  This price is based on a 16L Winexpert Selection wine kit.

  • Wine (6 gallons)
  • Bottles (yield 26 - 750ml*)
  • Corks
  • Shrink Wraps (in your choice of stock colors)

* 375 ml (yield is 52 bottles) are available for an additional fee of $40.00.

We Guarantee The Quality Of Every Wine You Make!

How far in advance do we need to make our wine?

One of the most important ingredients in wine is time.  While your wine will be ready for bottling in eight weeks, it will still need time to age in the bottle.  Generally, red wines should age a minimum of six months and white wine at least three months.  We therefore strongly recommend you take this into consideration when planning your big day and consider making your wine nine to twelve months prior to your wedding date. Or you might invite your guests to think of you, on your first anniversary, raise a glass, and remember the day enjoyed with friends and family.