The Brewer's Apprentice is not just for those who love beer.  We have place just for you wine lovers!!!  Our dedicated wine room was designed with you in mind.  It is a quiet space where you can relax and enjoy the experience of hand crafting your own wine.

Making wine with The Brewer's Apprentice is a two visit process, but there's no need to fret as our experienced wine making staff will guide you every step of the way.


Planning Your Visit

The first step is deciding the style and varietal of wine you want to make.  With dozens of wines in stock, plus a special order catalog of over a hundred wines, you'll be sure to find one that suits you perfectly. 

We are proud to be an authorized retailer of the Winexpert line of wine kits. We encourage you to visit Winexpert's product page to view their complete wine kit selection. 

Once you have decided on the style and varietal, the next step is the easiest ... give us a call to schedule your appointment time.  When you call, we will ask how many batches and the style(s) of wine you will be making. 

Not sure what varietal is right for you?  No problem, we recommend you begin by viewing Winexpert descriptions to familiarize yourself with the variety of options available ... from light white wines to bold reds ... then give us a call with any questions you may have. We suggest the 16L Selection wine kits, as these are the kits that we stock regularly (on Winexperts website look for the price tab then $$$$ filter/sort). Selection 16L are priced at $215.00. There are higher and lower price points if you desire.

We recommend making your appointment a minimum of three weeks in advance.  With dozens of wines to choose from, there is the possibility you may select a kit we do not routinely stock, but with advanced notice we will happily order it and have it ready for you on your appointment date.   

Please note that we require a credit card to secure your appointment.



Time for the Wine!!

On your first visit you will make your wine.  For planning purposes, allow one hour for your first batch and 30 minutes for each additional batch you will be making.  A batch of wine is 6 gallons (16 liters) and we guarantee that will yield a minimum of 26 - 750ml* bottles and our pricing is all inclusive .... wine, bottles, shrink wraps & labels.

Everything is more fun with a friend, so you are welcome to bring company ... up to four people (total) per batch.

You return 8 weeks later for your second visit to bottle your wine (and perhaps sample your creation).  This process takes approximately one hour per batch.

Our goal is to ensure your experience is a memorable one.  So we encourage you to pack a "picnic basket", relax and enjoy the experience!


*375ml bottles are available at an additional cost; these are a great choice for Wedding favors!