$ 65.00





Imperial Wit Beer. Here’s a brew for all those armchair quarterbacks out there. This “Bud” style beer is the recipe for those who like to stay with a light, thirst quenching beverage.


Saturday MARCH 30rd @ 2:00 pm

Brew~To~Go: $65 / 5 gals

Reservations required

Brew To Go.  It's not full on premises brewing, nor is it traditional home brewing.  It is a hybrid merging the best of both worlds providing the ease and convenience of brewing in our facility with the 5 gallon yield of home brewing. 

Brew To Go is the production of 5 gals of a fermentable wort, brewed by you on site using TBA's BOP kettle system. Your wort is then dispensed into your 5 gallon fermentation bucket.  Participants of this service take the wort and at-home instructions with them to complete the home brew process.  Even though you will monitor your beer as it matures into a fantastic brew, TBA will be here to answer any questions you may have along the way. .

Brewing with others is a great way to make new friends and talk about your favorite hobby - HOME BREWING!!
NOTE: The following home brew equipment is needed to complete the brewing process:
    ~ Fermenting bucket with air lock
    ~ Second vessel for racking (e.g., bottling bucket, carboy)
    ~ Siphoning equipment (auto-siphon, tubing & bottle filler)
    ~ Hydrometer & test stand
    ~ Bottles
    ~ Caps
    ~ Capper
    ~ Cleaner
    ~ Sanitizer