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World Gose Round

Gose. A Gose is a traditional German style wheat beer from Goslar, Germany. Named after the very salty river Gose River that runs through the town. This beer is salty, tart, and very refreshing. Think of it as a salty Berliner Weiss.

Saturday August 25th @ 2:00 pm

Brew~To~Go: $65 / 5 gals

Reservations required

Brew To Go.  It's not full on premises brewing, nor is it traditional home brewing.  It is a hybrid merging the best of both worlds providing the ease and convenience of brewing in our facility with the 5 gallon yield of home brewing. 

Brew To Go is the production of 5 gals of a fermentable wort, brewed by you on site using TBA's BOP kettle system. Your wort is then dispensed into your 5 gallon fermentation bucket.  Participants of this service take the wort and at-home instructions with them to complete the home brew process.  Even though you will monitor your beer as it matures into a fantastic brew, TBA will be here to answer any questions you may have along the way. .

Brewing with others is a great way to make new friends and talk about your favorite hobby - HOME BREWING!!
NOTE: The following home brew equipment is needed to complete the brewing process:
    ~ Fermenting bucket with air lock
    ~ Second vessel for racking (e.g., bottling bucket, carboy)
    ~ Siphoning equipment (auto-siphon, tubing & bottle filler)
    ~ Hydrometer & test stand
    ~ Bottles
    ~ Caps
    ~ Capper
    ~ Cleaner
    ~ Sanitizer