$ 14.95

Brand The Brewer's Apprentice, Inc.

If you ever had difficulty reading the specific gravity on your hydrometer, we have a solution for you - PRECISION HYDROMETERS!! 

Specific gravity is a measure of a liquid's density as compared to the density of water (i.e., 1.0).  By measuring an original and final gravity, brewers can determine the alcohol content of their brew from the change in density (i.e., how much sugar was converted to alcohol & CO2). These hydrometers allow the homebrewer or winemaker to get a VERY precise Specific Gravity measurement, ensuring accuracy and consistency from batch to batch. 

With overlapping specific gravity ranges, these hydrometers allow you to be very precise with your brews.  There are three ranges as follows: 

  1. 0.980 - 1.020
  2. 1.000 - 1.070
  3. 1.060 - 1.130

These beautifully hand crafted hydrometers are made in the USA and each is individually calibrated to ensure accuracy.